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Eyes Of Barbados

Eyes Of Barbados  the Culver Kingz, Listen…..

Don’t Take This Love

Don’t Take This Love  A new song from the Culver Kingz, straight from culver city california to the world. Check it out


Warming up the pipes

Before I go in to record, I always take the time to blow it all out first so I can start to get a feel of what I’m ready to do. Here’s a preview.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jXoy5B97zs

Check Out President Barack Obama Singing Al Green’s Song At The Apollo Theatre.

That is cool, I haven’t seen a President rock since Bill Clinton


President Barack Obama was at the Apollo theatre,Thursday January 19, 2012 giving a speech, when he decided to get it off and show the tough crowd his singing skills by singing Al Green’s hit song “I’m still in love with you.” Click for the video below to see how he did.

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This Time

A song about a relationship that went wrong

This Time.

Culver Kingz 2012

Meet the Culver Kingz  Culver Kingz 2012.

This Time

This was the 3rd song recorded by the Culver Kingz

we started to get into a grove, finding our direction in who the Culver Kingz were starting to become. We are not here to follow any trends. We’re here to make our own.


Culver Kingz 2012

Meet the Culver Kingz

Michael Thompson and Billy Trudel